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Fight against corruption: Akere Muna, a very controversial presidential choice! - CONGO COURRIEL

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Fight against corruption: Akere Muna, a very controversial presidential choice!

The President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi has, since his accession to power, made the fight against corruption his hobbyhorse. It is in this context that he called on Cameroonian Akere Muna to lend him a hand.

Akere Muna, a fine technocrat and a lawyer with wide-ranging experience, is a former president of the Cameroon Bar Association. He was also President of the Pan-African Lawyers Union and Vice-President of Transparency International.

He founded Transparency International Cameroon in 2000 and serves as its President. In 2005, he became Global Vice President of the international anti-corruption organisation.

Akere Muna has recently worked with the Resident Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Democratic Republic of Congo on a mission on the project to fight corruption and establish good governance.

This highly qualified profile could only attract the President of the Republic in his choice but the latter is not unanimously accepted. Questions are being asked everywhere… Doesn’t the Congo have a worthy son of Akere Muna’s stature? Was it really necessary to go to Cameroon? It should also be pointed out that the latter would have skeletons in the cupboard.

The story goes that the famous Cameroonian lawyer was sentenced to a three-year suspended prison term and fined 10 million CFA francs. He was charged with misrepresentation, concealment of proceedings, forgery and use of forgery in private or commercial writing and various other offences.

It should be noted that the Yaounde Court of First Instance did not convict Akere Muna of the acts of misrepresentation. The court found him guilty of “concealment of proceedings, forgery and use of forged private or commercial documents“. Again, it should be noted that this was not a final judgment.

For his part, Noël Tshiani, the candidate for the 2018 presidential election, was quick to express his point of view: “In my vision of a Greater Congo, we must value national skills and only use the services of foreigners when we cannot find Congolese capable of doing the same job. Otherwise, resorting to foreigners costs the country needlessly.

This choice, therefore, remains problematic for many Congolese. The integrity of the candidate is called into question. How could an alleged forger take over the anti-corruption agency?

Clarisse Mulenda

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